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Project Name

The extraction of sapropel from the lake Perkonu


Mining, production

Project Objective(s)

Extraction of sapropel from the lake

Project Owner

Local government of Balvi


The city of Balvi

General description of the Project

The so called „black gold” of Latgale sapropel is an organic sediment in freshwater containers and is made from aquatic plants and animal residues, which are enriched by mineral particles. Sapropel contains many biologically active substances, such as vitamins, hormones, and it is applied in different sectors, for example, in agriculture, medicine, chemistry, construction material production, industry and elsewhere.

Perkonu lake depths were researched in the 80ies and it showed the amount and quality of sapropel, however such a study ought to be repeated. The provisions for the use of subterranean depths shall be determined by the Law on subterranean Depths in the municipality, and the binding regulations of the Cabinet.

Within the framework of the project it is planned to use the land area of 3.9 ha near the lake of Perkonu.

The lake is in the middle of a city which provides adequate infrastructure.


  • Cooperation model: tax reliefs, long-term lease or sale of the property;
  • Balvi is a cultural and administrative center of the area.
  • The lake Perkonu is located inside the city and is easily accessible due to good infrastructure;
  • electricity, water and sewerage are all available in the area;
  • a territory utilization plan has been developed and the stated purpose of the building is for varied business activities and building up of the territory;
  • within the territory utilization plan restrictions have not been specified for the property or land transformation;
  • The potential markets for sapropel: EMEA region.

Project timeframe

Open to discussion

Amount and type of investment required and expected cooperation model

Open to discussion

Contact details

Gunta Bozoka

Project manager

„Ziemellatgales Biznesa centrs” a municipality agency

Mob.: +371-264-614-35

E-mail: gunta.bozoka@balvi.lv

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