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Incentives for investors

Rezekne Special Economic Zone (RSEZ) and Latgale Special Economic Zone (LSEZ)

Investors can facilitate dynamic growth in their companies by taking advantage of different types of tax relief and investment incentives applicable in RSEZ and LSEZ:

  • 80% relief on the corporate income tax
  • 80–100% relief on the applicable real estate tax

Tax subject to exemption or relief

Tax rate in Latvia

Tax rate for companies having RSEZ status

Real estate tax



Corporate income tax



A possibility of creating free customs zones in the territory of RSEZ and LSEZ – the rate of 0% on the value added tax is applied to goods export and the supply of goods that are imported into the territory of the European Union from third countries.

Conditions for granting a RSEZ and LSEZ Company status

  • Legal address of a company should be in the territory of the RSEZ or LSEZ
  • Business activities should be organised in the territory of the RSEZ or LSEZ
  • Company owns or rents real estate in the territory of the RSEZ or LSEZ

Administrative services offered by the RSEZ and LSEZ Authority to help investors

  • Consultations on company registration
  • Consultations on granting a RSEZ and LSEZ Company status
  • Consultations on the available EU Structural Funds and other financial sources
  • Consultations on the Commercial Law in Latvia, etc.


Contact information of Latgale SEZ authority:

E-mail: lsez@lpr.gov.lv

LSEZ deputy chief executive officer Vladislavs Stankevičs

Phone: +371 26511047



Contact information:

Rezekne Special Economic Zone Authority

Atbrīvošanas aleja 93

Rēzekne, LV 4601, Latvia

Telephone: (+371) 6 462 5941, (+371) 2 863 3550

Fax: (+371) 6 462 5941

E-mail: info@rsez.lv



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