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Latgale is rich with natural resources, which includes lands for agriculture and forests. The land is also rich with raw materials (peat, sand, clay, etc.). Main raw materials are listed below.



Sapropel is a natural nutrient rich fertilizer that can be extracted from the bottom of lakes. Sapropel improves soil quality and increases crop yields. It is sometimes called the “black gold” of Latgale due to its abundance and numerous qualities. Sapropel found in Latgale is top quality.

The largest number of deposits is in the uplands of Latgale. The potential excavation sites are mainly located in these counties: Kraslava, Rezekne, Daugavpils and Ludza.

Sapropel currently has a very high demand in the EMEA regions.



Farmlands is the second largest natural resource in Latgale and is considered one of the most sustainable. Around 45% of all land in the region can be used for farming.

This land is used for both cattle breeding and growing crops. The most commonly cultivated crops are wheat and rye in combination with vegetable oil production and dairy cattle breeding.

Forests and lakes


38.6% of the area is covered in forests. Forests are divided into three categories – state owned, privately owned and owned by the local governments. Timber is an essential resource for local businesses. Significant privately owned forests are located in the counties of Peili and Kraslava.

Latgale is often called the “land of blue lakes”, because there are more than 1,000 lakes in the region. The variety of water bodies provide different opportunities for tourism, recreation as well as resource extraction.




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